Frequently Asked Questions

What type of people will I meet?
Founders, engineers, designers and business people from other startups. Even a few investors. No recruiters.

Can I change my response to someone?
Yes! After you’ve gone through everyone in the network, there’s a “reset your queue” button that will reset everyone you’ve said no too. It doesn’t change any of the yeses.

What happens when I say yes to someone?
If they say yes to you then you’ll be introduced via email. They won’t know how you answered unless they say yes too.

What happens when I say no to someone?
Nothing. They’ll never know how you answered.

What happens when I match with someone?
The first person to say yes will be introduced via email. The second person will be notified on the site.

Do I have to meet the people I match with?
You don’t have to but you did say you wanted to :)

Do I have to meet them right away?
Nope. There’s no rules on when you have to meet them. That’s up to the both of you. It could be this week or next month.

What cities is CoffeeMe available?
Just good old Seattle.

Why is it invite only?
To ensure every member has worked at a startup before and live in the cities we’ve launched in.

Still have questions? Email me: hsukenooi[at]