Keep Track of Who You Should Meet and Have Already Met

When we originally had the idea for CoffeeMe, we didn’t anticipate the high number of matches it would provide people. We’ve been saying for a while that we needed an easy way to keep track of everyone they should meet and had already met. Think of it as a networking to-do list. I was alone for Thanksgiving (parents stayed in Asia) so I decided to it was a great time to code!

Your matches screen looks like this now:


Added a “Met Them” button.

Once you’ve met someone in real life, click on the “Met Them” button. That’ll move that person into the “Matches You’ve Met” list.

Matches you should meet and already met.

Think of it as a networking to-do list. “Matches You Should Meet” are people you should to connect with (to-do) and “Matches You’ve Met” are people you’ve already met (done).

Now I can quickly see I’ve met 36 people and have 25 more people to meet. Speaking of which, if you’re on my list, I’ll be emailing you in the next hour.

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