Introducing Matchmaker

Suggest two people that should connect

Ever run across someone on CoffeeMe and think, “I know someone that would really benefit from connecting with this person?” Unfortunately there hasn’t been an easy way to facilitate this kind of third party introduction.

That changes today. Today we’ve released something we call Matchmaker that let’s you suggest that two people connect.

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you see someone you think someone you know would be interested in connecting with, click the link underneath the “Maybe Later” and “Yes” buttons
  2. A modal will appear, enter their email address and click send
  3. They’ll receive an email saying you thought there was someone they would benefit from connecting with and information on that person
  4. They can then sign up for CoffeeMe through your personalized link and when approved, the person you passed to them will be at the top of their queue

As much as we love helping you build your professional network, we love seeing people help build each other’s professional networks even more! 

What do you think? Think it could be better? Let us know what you think.