Added Twitter and AngelList Links to Profiles

Here’s how most people make decisions on CoffeeMe:

  1. First Impression — Quickly scan someone’s profile to see if they’re working on something interesting. Typically this means looking at their role (engineer, designer, etc.) or if it’s a company you recognize.
  2. Research — If they seem potentially interesting, most people will click-through to their Linkedin profile and/or do a Google search to find their Twitter, AngelList, etc.
  3. Decision — Once they have all the information, they’ll make a decision.

We’ve made the second step easier by allowing people to add links to their Twitter and AngelList profile. Go to and you’ll see where to add your links on the bottom right.

Here’s how the links will show up on your profile:

Hopefully that makes things easier.

What do you need to do?

Nothing actually. We manually found everyone’s profile and added them.